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    Surge Protector Installation Melbourne

    Power surges can cause considerable damage to electrical equipment connected to mains power. Ensure your devices are well-protected and call the electrical surge protector electricians at Pro Point Electrical. We go above and beyond for every customer, and this approach has made us one of Melbourne’s most reputable electrical contractors.

    Experienced electrical surge protector electricians

    Today, our homes and businesses are packed with expensive appliances and electrical devices. From computers and games consoles to televisions and more, these appliances are all extremely sensitive to fluctuations in power. Don’t risk having to pay for expensive repairs or replacements should your belongings get damaged during an unexpected surge; instead, invest in switchboard surge protector installation at your home or workplace. A surge protector protects electronic devices from damage caused by surges in electrical power or a transient voltage that flows from the power supply. These unpredictable causes include lightning strikes and power station or transformer failure.

    Did you know that these severe surges can cause fatal fire hazards? That’s why we offer switchboard surge protector installation and maintenance services, because risking your personal safety should never be an option. With 15 years’ experience providing surge protector services to hundreds of customers, we’ve got the experience and the know-how needed to install your new device safely and efficiently. And that’s not all – our experienced team will inspect your property and advise you on different types of surge protectors. We know that finding the right surge protector for your needs can be tricky, but we’ll go through several options, and help you figure out the right device for you.

    Leave it to our electrical surge protector electricians to:

    • Safely clear the area
    • Prepare for simple installation
    • Advise on which surge protector is right for your property
    • Connect your surge protector and test it’s working
    • Clean the area (we treat your place like our own)
    • Provide a warranty on our services

    Experience peace of mind with quality surge protector services

    With homes and businesses relying on expensive and sensitive electrical devices more than ever, protecting them from damage could save you a lot of time, money and inconvenience. We’re focused on making your lives easier – which is we offer different types of surge protectors to suit you and your budget. What’s more, our services are affordable, without any hidden fees. Make the best decision for your home or business and invest in round the clock protection with the help of our licensed electricians in Melbourne

    Servicing the Greater Melbourne area

    Our team is based in Rowville, Victoria, but we’re licensed to carry out surge protector services and switchboard upgrades across the Greater Melbourne area. We also offer a warranty on our work, so you can rest assured your appliances won’t break down anytime soon.

    Got an electrical emergency? We can come out to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Feel free to give Nick a call on 0401 757 325 whenever you need us.


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