03 Jan, 2023
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Is Being A Commercial Electrician Hard?

Anything is easy with the right skills and mindset. That said, there are many jobs requiring extensive training to perform effectively, and a commercial electrician is one of them. At Pro Point Electrical, we require all our electricians to have undergone thorough training to ensure we provide Melbourne’s best commercial electrical services.

The knowledge required to become a commercial electrician is extensive, as is the practical training needed to work independently. Safety is a massive part of an electrician’s job, so an electrician must possess an in-depth knowledge of regulations and procedures related to electrical safety.

Being a commercial electrician isn’t just hard on the brain, it’s also hard on the body. Physical labour is another core part of being an electrician, so you must be fit and healthy to undertake the manual tasks required of a commercial electrician.

As many challenges as there are to be a commercial electrician, the proper training can give anyone the necessary means to do the job successfully. Sure, it’s hard at first, but stick with it, and it’ll become much easier.


What is the hardest part of being an electrician?

Everyone is different, as are their strengths and weaknesses. This means that the hardest part of being an electrician will vary from person to person, and there is never a single right answer. There are, however, more advanced and challenging aspects to the job that electricians commonly perceive as the more difficult parts. 

Working with complicated or specialised systems is a particularly hard part of being an electrician, simply due to the sheer complexity of the work. Other aspects that some electricians find difficult include reading technical blueprints, troubleshooting various electrical appliances, and physical labour.


Is electrician maths hard?

Any good electrician needs a certain degree of maths skills. That said, the maths that electricians typically perform isn’t anything overly complicated, but a fair grasp of mathematical fundamentals and algebra are required to ensure an electrician does their job in the most effective way possible.

Adding, subtracting, multiplication, and division come up more than you might think in this line of work. As an electrician, you might have to calculate “what is the max number of outlets on a circuit?” or total up various voltages to ensure you’re not overloading the system. As such, electricians must have a basic understanding of mathematical processes to guarantee safety and quality in their work.


Is schooling for an electrician hard?

Electrician school is not for everyone, but then again, there’s never a subject that everyone finds easy. There are plenty of exams and qualifications a trainee electrician must take, but whether they are difficult depends entirely on the individual.

Training and apprenticeships are designed to be at least partially challenging. Still, they’re mainly there to ensure you get as much knowledge as possible before you begin your career as an electrician. If electrical work is something you enjoy, chances are you won’t find it too hard.


Is commercial electrical work harder than residential work?

In short, no. Commercial and residential electricians are highly skilled tradesmen who perform vital and challenging work, albeit in different circumstances. You might think that residential electrical work is easier because it’s just domestic housing, but that’s not true.

While some aspects of commercial electrical work bear more moral or legal responsibilities, such as fixing hospital generators, the work is not necessarily harder. Residential electricians essentially perform similar duties to their commercial counterparts, and it’s unfair to determine which of the two is more difficult.


How hard is it to become an electrician in Australia?

It’s fairly easy to become an electrician in Australia, provided you pass the relevant exams and undertake the correct training programs. Several online courses can give you the fundamentals of being an electrician, but it’s essential to use them as supplements to real-world practical training.

There are several top electrical trade schools and courses around the country, including at the Electrical Trades College in Sydney and Melbourne Polytechnic. If education isn’t your thing, direct apprenticeships with companies are always available. This gives you the hands-on experience you need to become a successful electrician.


Is being an electrician harder than being a plumber?

It’s impossible to compare being an electrician to being a plumber because they’re entirely different jobs. Sure, they’re both trade jobs, but their duties and responsibilities are separate. To anyone with no experience in either field, they’re about as hard as each other.

Both require an extensive level of industry knowledge and a good deal of practical training. Each job also matches the need for physical labour. Overall, both entail a certain degree of difficulty, and both are paid well for it.


Is being an electrician a hard trade?

The electrical trade can be challenging, but with the proper training, it can become as easy as you want it to be (some people like the challenge). You must get several qualifications to become an electrician, and the job requires large amounts of specialist knowledge and physical labour, so it can seem difficult to many.

But it’s generally not hard to do, especially with the proper training. And it’s not hard to build on your knowledge and progress through the ranks. If you’re wondering what the highest electrician position ranks, that would be a master electrician. This can be an extremely difficult job, as they deal with the most complex electrical systems.


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