14 Oct, 2022
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Advantages of Hiring a Commercial Electrician

Electricians are absolute godsends.

Now I could just end the article there, but something tells me I should probably elaborate a bit more.

Imagine a world without electricity – how dark and dingy and dreadful that would be. But that could be your world if your home loses power and there are no electricians around to bring you back into the light.

At Pro Point Electrical, we offer a range of professional commercial services. We’ve listed some more benefits of hiring a commercial electrician down below.

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Commercial Electrical Contractor

Years of Experience

At Pro Point Electrical, we’ve had years of experience handling all kinds of electrical installations, so you can bet we know our stuff.

From large-scale projects like hotels to smaller yet equally important projects like neighbourhood homes, our team of dedicated electricians are ready to serve whoever calls upon them (a little bit like the Genie in Aladdin).


We were all taught the expression “safety first” as kids, and there’s a reason for this. If you suspect your electricals might be faulty, however unsure you might be, call a commercial electrician.

It’s paramount that you stay safe and let our qualified electricians handle the work – it could turn out to be much more dangerous than you think.


You might be put off calling an electrician because of the time it takes them to arrive. However, our team at Pro Point Electrical delivers quality results with fast turnarounds.

In the time it takes you to go out and buy all the necessary equipment (which we already have) and watch YouTube videos on what to do (which we already know), a commercial electrician could have come round, identified the problem, and fixed it.


Hiring an electrician isn’t as expensive as you might think. Pro Point Electrical always offer competitive prices for quality service.

Professional Advice

As well as safely resolving the electrical fault, our commercial electricians can offer professional advice that will ensure your problems never happen again.

Licenced, Insured, and Guaranteed Quality

Our entire workforce at Pro Point Electrical hold legitimate licences and insurance, meaning we are appropriately qualified for any electrical task.

We can also give you a guarantee of quality, so chances are you’ll never have to call us again!


Energy Efficiency

It’s always important to do your bit for the planet, which includes being as efficient with your energy as possible. Commercial premises often waste large portions of their energy on needlessly bright lights and constantly-whirring machines, which not only causes harm to the planet, it wastes money too.

An electrician can increase your energy efficiency by installing more environmentally friendly electrical components. They can also increase your usage of renewable energy and ensure that your electrical systems are running as efficiently as they can. Upgrading old systems and wiring is a large part of a commercial electrician’s job, and this is a great way to increase your energy efficiency throughout your building.


Energy Auditing

An energy audit is a report done by electricians that shows the energy consumption, wastage, and efficiency for a particular premises. Although they are readily available to the public, not many people opt to get one. This could be due to lack of awareness or knowledge on the topic, and many people don’t realise just how beneficial an energy audit can be.

By hiring an electrician to produce an energy audit for your commercial building, you can save huge sums of money in electricity bills by increasing your energy efficiency. Cutting electricity costs is a great way to improve profitability for your business.

What’s more, if you’re looking to implement a renewable energy power supply, it’s best to conduct an energy audit before installation. This ensures you’re utilising your new energy to the best of its capabilities.


Lighting Control

Hiring a commercial electrician can get you a range of extra bonuses and cool benefits, including more control over your lighting. Bright white electric lights are good, but not so much if that’s all you have in your building and you want a softer tone for the evenings. Sitting in a small room under a white main light with the blinds shut can feel a little claustrophobic, almost like you’re in an interrogation room.

But if you hire an electrician, you’ll have much more control over the level and colour of your lighting. If you’re a commercial premises, you can dim the lights or change the colours to suit your brand identity and attract new customers. What’s more, you can give your staff a nicer place to work. Office buildings can be spruced up and modernised by electricians, reducing the dull, artificial atmosphere created by bright white lights.


Electrical Codes and Compliance

Electricians are experts in their trade. This means they have an exceptional grasp of the safety codes and legal regulations that define their industry and protect your buildings. Hiring a commercial electrician ensures your business complies with every electrical standard set out by the government and maintains a sufficient level of safety throughout.


Test and Tag

Testing and tagging is used to make sure portable electrical devices in a workplace are functioning smoothly and systematically. The name comes from the testing process used, as appliances are first visually and electrically inspected, before a tag is attached to signify it has been tested.

According to Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760:2010, all test and tag operations must be performed by a “competent person”. In order to become a competent person in the eyes of the law, you must pass certain testing and tagging exams and gain the relevant qualifications.

At Pro Point Electrical, our electricians boast every relevant certification they need to safely perform electrical testing and tagging. Hiring an electrician ensures this process is done smoothly, safely, and legally.


Breaker Testing

Breaker testing is hugely important for any premises with electricity, as it ensures the safety and operation of the entire building. An electrician can perform circuit breaker testing whenever they are called upon and will always possess the exact knowledge required to do so safely. Those without proper qualifications should not attempt to test circuit breakers.

Circuit breakers are responsible for keeping everything running safely. If the electricity gets too much or the power becomes too high, the breaker switches can ‘trip’, shutting off the entire electricity supply before any damage is done. This ensures no harm comes to you or any of your electrical devices.

Circuit breakers need to be routinely tested to maintain the safety of your building. They may sit unused for years, but malfunctions can still occur. Hiring an electrician will ensure the circuit breaker testing is carried out properly, meaning you can rest assured in the knowledge that your home or workplace is electrically safe.


Need Help Hiring a Commercial Electrician?

These days, it can be difficult to find a decent electrician. At Pro Point Electrical, our team of dedicated professionals strive to give you the best possible service. They’ll be quick to identify the problem, and even quicker to fix it.

Give us a call today on 0401 757 325 or email us at nick@propointelectrical.com.au and we’ll get you the help you need.

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