14 Oct, 2022
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Commercial vs Residential Electricians

Being an electrician is a complicated job. Tasks range from fixing flickering lights in a home to controlling electrical faults in a stadium. Because of this, the electrician career path has several different routes one can take. There are commercial, residential, and industrial electricians – all of which carry distinct responsibilities and training.

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Commercial Electricians in Melbourne

What’s the Difference Between a Residential Electrician and a Commercial Electrician?

The clue is in the name. Essentially, a commercial electrician focuses on electrical work in businesses, such as office buildings, shopping centres, and hotels. Residential electricians, on the other hand, deal with domestic electrical tasks in residential houses.

Because of the differing work environments of the two positions, they have slightly different qualifications and knowledge requirements. Residential electricians typically work with a lower voltage of between 120 and 240 volts, whereas commercial electricians often interact with extremely high voltages beyond 240 volts.

There are also other specific differences between commercial and residential electricians. A commercial electrician may have different processes to undertake that are not necessarily done by residential electricians. For instance, a commercial electrician may be required to set up a backup power source for important buildings such as hospitals.


What is the difference in the duties of a commercial electrician and a residential electrician?

Although the work of a commercial electrician involves many of the same processes as a residential electrician, their duties are fairly dissimilar. This is largely down to the difference in work environments, as the tasks required in a commercial building are unlike those needed in a residential home.

For one, different levels of wiring are required for commercial buildings as opposed to residential houses. Commercial electricians work with much larger cables and must lay conduits and tubing that cover vast premises to ensure the power supply is sufficient for commercial operations. Residential electricians, on the other hand, more commonly use smaller, thinner wiring systems that are encased in plastic. These are more manageable and don’t extend across as broad a space.

Customer service duties are also different between commercial and residential electricians. Dealing with homeowners directly is a requirement for residential electricians, so their interpersonal skills must be up to scratch. Commercial electricians don’t deal with clients as directly, but there may still be occasions where cooperation with employees in other sectors is required.


Can you transfer from one electrician speciality to another?

Electricians are welcome to transfer between specialities if they want to. In other words, a commercial electrician can become a residential electrician, and vice versa. Some electricians find it easier than others to transfer between specialities due to their past experience. Most often, though, an electrician looking to change fields will have to undertake additional training.

Transferring from commercial to residential electrical work is somewhat easier than the other way round. Since commercial electricians are used to working with larger systems and more complicated wiring structures, it’s easier for them to understand smaller systems as opposed to residential electricians learning to work with bigger electrical components.

A residential electrician would need extra training to become a commercial electrician. Gaining experience with higher voltages is necessary, as is learning how to use larger, more complex electrical hardware.


Can you work as both a commercial electrician and a residential electrician?

It’s very rare that an electrician works both commercially and residentially at the same time. While electricians can change between the two fields, they normally only practice one speciality at any given time. It’s better to focus on one area of electrotechnology than to spread your skills too thin.

Technically, though, you can be a contractual electrician who performs a variety of tasks across multiple specialities. By marketing yourself as a freelance electrician with skills and experience in various electrical disciplines, you can be contracted to undertake both commercial and residential duties.


Commercial Electricians: What Electrical Services can you Expect?

Commercial electricians perform routine and specialised tasks on business premises and commercial buildings. These include:

– Lighting and power installation.

– Safety and security systems.

– Electrical inspections and testing.

– Temperature control installation.

– Interpreting complex blueprints and electrical systems, including both design and renovation plans.


Residential Electricians: What Electrical Services can you Expect?

Residential electricians perform much of the same work as commercial electricians, but on a smaller, less complex scale. Residential electrical services include:

– Home renovations.

– Heating and air conditioning installation.

– Home security systems.

– Diagnosis of electrical faults.

– Routine inspections.

– Fixing general electrical problems.


Can a Commercial Electrician Perform Residential Electrical Work?

In theory, any good commercial electrician will have the ability and know-how to undertake residential electrical work. However, because their skills are more attuned to large-scale projects, it is always best to call a residential electrician should you need electrical help with your home.


Need Help With Residential or Commercial Work?

Regardless of the task at hand, we can help. At Pro Point Electrical, our qualified electricians can handle all sorts of residential or commercial tasks, no matter how big or small.

So if you’re in need of an electrician, simply give us a call today on 0401 757 325 or email us at nick@propointelectrical.com.au and we’ll make the problem right.

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