03 Jan, 2023
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How Much Do Commercial Electricians Make In Australia?

Being an electrician is challenging and demanding, but it’s such an enjoyable thing to do. No two days are the same, and an element of freedom comes with being an electrician that other trade jobs don’t have.

There are many benefits to hiring a commercial electrician, not least because they can ensure your business runs as effectively and hassle-free as possible. They provide a vital service and are paid accordingly.

Commercial electricians are one of three types of electricians, the other two being residential and industrial. Commercial electricians are well-paid in Australia, typically earning around $70,000 annually. Entry-level positions are paid less, while more senior commercial electricians take home upwards of $90,000 annually.

Often, commercial electricians are paid by the hour. The hourly rate will vary from person to person and depends on several factors, including experience, location, and job type. Commercial electricians’ average hourly rates can be between $32 and $50.

What is Australia’s highest paid electrician?

Electricians constantly finish near the top of the highest-paying trade jobs in Australia. As a result, most electricians can hope to earn a fairly high average wage, but some types still earn more than others. Residential and commercial electricians typically earn less than industrial electricians due to the specialist nature of their work in industrial plants.

While a commercial electrician’s skills are comparable to those of an industrial electrician, the location and context of an industrial electrician’s work mean they are generally better paid. That said, any electrician with enough experience and qualifications can earn upwards of $100,000 in a properly recognised senior role.

What is the highest paying type of electrician?

Among the three types of electricians – commercial, residential, and industrial – it is the latter of the three that is the highest paid. Industrial electricians earn the most due to the nature of their work, which sees them ply their trade in industrial zones like factories and mines. The average salary for an industrial electrician in Australia is around $95,000 annually.

Industrial electricians often have additional skills that aren’t shared by their residential and commercial counterparts. These are primarily extra safety training and knowledge of industrial plants and machinery. Corporations stand to lose a lot of money if the power supply in their production facilities fails, so industrial electrician is better paid due to their increased responsibilities and more specialist nuances in their work.

Where do commercial electricians make the most money?

Commercial electricians make the most money in specialist jobs and positions with greater responsibilities. For instance, electricians in charge of a commercial circuit for a single retail outlet will earn less than those in charge of a vital service building like a hospital.

An electrical foreman or team leader will earn more than the junior electricians on their team. This salary increases the more nuanced work, such as installing complicated systems or fixing specialised equipment.

How much does a master electrician make in Australia?

Master electricians are some of the most highly skilled tradesmen on the planet. They oversee the installation, maintenance, and reparations of some of the most complex electrical systems. They need to be exceptionally qualified, rigorously trained, and adequately experienced. As a result, they’re some of the highest paid electricians out there.

In Australia, a master electrician will earn an average base salary of $160,000 annually. This can vary depending on location and skill level (among other factors), but a tradesman of this profession generally earns a sizeable annual income.

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