29 Sep, 2022
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What Is the Future of Energy Efficient Homes

Residential electricians work round the clock to help households save on electricity costs. These professionals perform different valuable services from energy-saving power electrical installation to energy-efficient LED downlight installation. As a homeowner, it is vital that you choose the right lights for energy savings and have energy-efficient switchboards installed in your home. The future begins today. 

Energy-efficient homes are equipped with tools and appliances that consume less energy; hence, they have less carbon footprint. With more households switching to these fuel-efficient tools and machines, we’ll be able to solve climate change while making savings on energy costs.

Energy Efficient Homes Diagram

Why Invest in an Energy-Efficient Home?

There are many benefits of home energy efficiency. At present, households remain to be the leading culprit in the increase of greenhouse emissions because they continue to use appliances that consume a lot of energy. Fortunately, technology has come up with innovations that you can take advantage of. They have created environment-friendly household tools that can significantly reduce greenhouse emissions. 

Being a homeowner, it is wise to invest in these appliances that will not only decrease energy consumption and help you save money but also protect the environment. Let’s take a look at these advantages and more.


Reduce Your Bills

A significant decrease in your utility bill is what you’ll notice first. With less energy consumption, you’ll be rewarded with greater savings. It’s always a win-win!

Sure your decade-old freezer is still serving its purpose but is it worth it if a professional electrician has told you it’s consuming way more than you think? That washing machine gifted to you during your wedding eight years ago has been recently upgraded to consume less energy. Would you buy it? Buying energy-efficient machines can be costly, but there’s more money going down the drain if you continue using the old, inefficient ones. 


Improve Health Outcomes by Reducing Healthcare Spending 

Do you know that fuel-efficient household equipment can enhance the quality of your life? They are more convenient; thus, they can make your life easier. The easier your life, the happier you will be.

If more homeowners choose environment-friendly appliances, then everyone will be able to breathe fresh air. You’re probably aware that greenhouse gases cause respiratory illnesses. So with energy-saving devices, you can expect a reduction not only in your monthly energy bills but also in healthcare spending. It’s one of the best reasons why we should have energy-efficient, smart homes.


Electricity System Can Be More Resilient

Did you know that power interruption can damage your units of appliances? This is another good reason why selecting energy-efficient household tools is important as they can make the electricity system more resilient. System resilience refers to the capacity to continue operations with no impact from disruption to your power supply. This only means that power-saving appliances are not prone to damage when power interruptions occur. 


Create Good Jobs in the Building Sector

Although this will not directly benefit you, think of it as a way to help those in the building sector. As we strive for clean and green energy, more job opportunities will be created. Jobs that support energy-efficiency efforts will increase as companies will hire more people to manufacture, sell, and install appliances that are environmentally friendly.

Manufacturing companies are unstoppable when it comes to finding energy-related solutions. And as they continue to develop better technology, the future of employment looks bright, too.


Reduce Greenhouse Emissions

Planting more trees isn’t the only solution to having cleaner air. You can also breathe fresh air if you improve the energy efficiency of your home. If you are less reliant on electricity, you lower your carbon footprint. Carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced, which can help our planet breathe, too.

So besides planting more trees that will absorb carbon emissions, you can further help the planet by cutting down your energy consumption with energy-efficient appliances. 


How Do You Make a House More Energy Efficient?

Improving your home’s energy efficiency can be daunting as it can be costly, but consider it an investment with great returns. Apart from a lot of savings that you will be eventually making, you and your family will enjoy a more comfortable home. 

There are surefire ways to achieve smart, eco-friendly homes, and we have already made a list for you.



Do you need to crank up your heater’s thermostat because you never feel warm at all? Check your walls. They might be in dire need of insulation. Badly insulated homes lose a third of heat, so if your house is one of them, you should add external wall insulation. This is done by putting a layer of insulating material to your outside walls and is completed by a specially designed cladding. 

Improving your home’s insulation will not only enhance efficiency but will also provide an exterior makeover. 



If you’re planning to have a new house built for your family, ask your designers and architects to build you a home made of timber. This construction material will benefit the environment. A good design will maximize its thermal and energy efficiency properties. When compared to concrete, which uses fives times more energy, this material is definitely a champion in combatting climate change. 

Timber as a construction material will also provide excellent insulation, which leads to financial gains and reduced carbon footprint. 


Solar Panels

Clean energy is sustainable. This is the promise of solar panels. Powering your home with solar energy means you won’t have to depend on fossil fuels anymore. It’s renewable energy because the sun is an infinite source. Now is the best time to switch to solar panels. They’re pricey, but eventually, you’ll save more. It’s an investment with sure returns.



What has paint got to do with improving fuel efficiency? Apparently, dark-coloured walls contribute to a household’s high utility bill. Dark colours absorb and retain heat much longer; thus, they’re not great during summer and fall as they can affect your home’s energy efficiency. Paint your wall with light colours to brighten your space, and you won’t have to turn on the lights during the day. Light-coloured walls have also been proven to maximize energy efficiency. 


Windows and Doors

Energy-efficient windows and doors lower HVAC costs, obviously. These specially designed windows and doors retain temperatures inside, which means they won’t make your AC or heater work harder. High-efficiency doors and windows will make the interior of your house cozy no matter what the weather is. There will be a significant decrease in your utility bills, too.


Should New Construction in Homes Include Solar Panels?

Homebuilders should include solar panels in their design practice to resolve climate change. Homes with solar panels pre-installed will also have increased value and attract more potential buyers. A solar power lowers electricity costs and is good for the environment, too. Wise buyers are willing to pay more knowing that they will have a reliable supply of energy. 


How Are the New Construction Trends Set Up Help You Save Money in Energy Costs?

The latest construction designs maximize energy efficiency. Homebuilders ensure that the houses they build are well-insulated to help homeowners save money. Modern homes also come with solar panels, providing a steady energy supply at a minimal cost.  


Do you need an Electrician to Make Your Home Energy Efficient? 

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