29 Sep, 2022
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Light Bulbs That Improve Your Home And Save You Money

Your lights flicker like the ones you see in horror films. It’s high time you called a lighting electrician to do the LED downlight installation in your home. Hiring a qualified electrician for this job will give you peace of mind. Also, entrusting professionals with your light fixtures means ensuring electrical safety for children and saving electricity with energy-efficient homes. They can also inspect, repair, or replace tired, old, or busted switchboards.

Reliable light bulbs should never let you down at times when you need them the most. There’s a vast sea of options, but choosing the right lights will not only improve your home but also save you money. Invest in quality light bulbs that will return greater savings.  

How to Choose the Right Lights

Choosing the right lights for a certain space can be a tedious process because there are a few factors to consider. These considerations include purpose, amount of light, quality of light, and type of fixture, whether for aesthetics or not. Besides these, you also need to factor in cost if making great savings matters to you.

Most Efficient Forms of Lighting

When you go shopping for a light bulb at a home depot, you will be surprised that there are so many options as there are different types of light bulbs. Incandescent bulbs can simulate the brightness of the sun. They provide warm light, making them best installed in the kitchen or as chandeliers. However, they are the least efficient of all the choices. Another type is a fluorescent light, which is energy-efficient but doesn’t provide quality lighting. It is usually installed in garages, basements, and hallways where people don’t spend much of their time. 

Splurge on LED light bulbs. Though they can be very expensive, they provide the most cost-efficient lighting in the long run. Led lights are also great in terms of colour rendering. Since experts in the industry are continuing to develop LED technology, you can expect more exciting options to come out soon. 

What Are the Costliest Light Bulbs to Run in Your Home?

It’s really worth knowing which lights are costly. Though incandescent bulbs promise brightness and warmth like the sun, they’re like silent monsters that eat up a lot of electricity. That’s the very reason why the industry has started phasing them out. Cross out halogen lights on your list as well because they have high energy consumption. While it’s true that they can illuminate your room brightly, you can’t ignore the fact that they will likely increase your utility bill.  

Cost of Running a Light

Lighting accounts for around 15% of an average home’s electricity use. So if your recent electric bill amounts to a hundred dollars, $15 of that comes from your lights. Let’s talk about energy consumption of an incandescent light bulb. One incandescent bulb runs at 60 watts and, let’s say, you use it 5 hours a day on average. When computed, the consumption is only 0.10 per day. It may seem like this doesn’t even make a dent in your budget, but if you compute further,  you will realize that a monthly consumption of 10 of these bulbs is very costly. 

Imagine how much you can save with LED lights that run only at 10 watts! That’s a huge difference. LED lights are known to be more expensive, but with their unbelievably long shelf life, they’re worth having. Here’s to illustrate further. For 50K hours, you’ll need only 5 LED lights against 50 incandescent bulbs. You do the rest of the math to uncover how much you’ve been squandering with less efficient light bulbs. LED bulbs may be expensive, but investing in these quality lights will return greater savings.  

Which light bulbs can give you the most savings in energy bills? 

With the above discussion, the answer is already obvious—LED lights. Created with the latest technology, it’s by far the best option we have today. Running at only 10 watts with sufficient brightness, this light can make a huge difference in your monthly energy bills.

You can leave your LED lights on during the day for more than 12 hours without cringing because you know they’re cost-efficient. So go ahead and make all the dark spaces bright sans worries.


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