29 Sep, 2022
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How to Teach Your Children Electrical Safety

Children love to explore, which can either be great or disastrous. Some kids will insert their toys into holes, electrical sockets included! The thought of it can be a nightmare. Safe-proof your child’s playroom and your entire home by getting an inspection service from one of the local electricians.  It’s best to book a safety electrical inspection with someone whose career as a licensed electrician is recognized. A reputable electrician will ensure that your switchboard protection functions work flawlessly. When all of its functions are up and running, you will be able to protect your kids from electrical-related accidents and use lighting efficiently. A reputable electrician will also ensure energy-efficient homes, which can significantly impact your monthly bills.  

The good news is, you can also teach your child electrical safety in various ways.

Children Electrical Safety

Explain to Your Kids How Electricity Works

Believe it or not, this seemingly difficult task is as easy as A-B-C. You don’t have to be a scientist to do so; just be you—a loving parent who cares. You can explain how electricity works easily in three ways.


Watch Videos About Electrical Safety With Them

Why go through the hassle of explaining when there are videos readily available online? These audio-visuals can retain your children’s attention because they’re animated. Cool, huh?


Read Books About Electrical Safety Together

You can’t emphasize electrical safety enough, so instead of story books during bedtime, introduce your little ones to the world of electricity. There are age-appropriate reading materials dedicated to this particular topic. They are written for kids, but they can be enjoyed by adults, too. 


Make Safety Rules for Your Home

Too much can never be enough when it comes to electrical safety, so even when you think you’ve done enough to teach your children about it, go beyond the extra mile. Create safety rules and write them on a piece of paper if you must. Post these rules somewhere visible to everyone in the family like on your fridge or main door.  


At What Age Should You Teach Your Children About the Dangers of Electricity? 

Electrical dangers are ever present in homes, but if you can spot them before they happen, you can save your loved ones from electrical shock and your house from getting burned.

Studies show that 79% of kids are not afraid to take risks with electricity. As a parent, it is your duty to protect them from electrical hazards, and teaching them how to avoid such accidents is one way to do it. The earlier your kids start learning about it, the better.

Kids at age four or five can already understand basic concepts, so you can give them some precautions like not putting any of their fingers into an electrical outlet. Telling them that water and electricity can cause serious injury, even death, is easy enough for them to process. So, tell them never to plug a wet socket.   


What Are Some Age Appropriate Lessons You Can Teach Your Child About Electricity?

Kids are curious, but they don’t have the sense of danger that adults have. It’s best to get them educated about electricity as early as needed.

Electricity can be a boring topic, but with the help of engaging educational materials such as illustrated books and animated videos, kids will pay attention. 

If you allow your kids to have their own gadgets, make sure you teach them how to recharge them. Point out that leaving them plugged longer than they should be can cause damage or worse, fire. 

When explaining what electricity is to a pre-schooler, avoid using technical terms. Make it short and simple. Another interesting topic that you might want to discuss is how electricity is generated. Children are inquisitive, so expect a lot of questions.


Do You Require an Electrician to Safeguard Your Home?

Kids can never be too young to be taught about electrical safety at home. The sooner they start learning, the safer all of your loved ones will be. 

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